Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Brad Fraser- Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love

(I'll discuss both it and 'Love and Human Remains" although I have only seen the script/written version for both)
I read this for a class, and I probably would not ever have read it otherwise.
I am sure that it has added merit when seen on stage or even on film, but it just doesn't work for me in the written form at all. I can see how it would have been groundbreaking and novel enough to become famous, but the actual form and content just don't work for me exceptionally well.
I like the characters but I don't really feel that their relationships were cemented very well, aside from the friendship between Candy and David, which was clearly the most solid and sincere of them. All the other interactions (aside from perhaps Candy and Jerri, which was appropriately disjointed, undeveloped and detached) seemed to lack real heart...which I don't think could be redeemed by changing the medium to audiovisual.
I found the situations, dialogue and even background stories to be bafflingly flat and uncompelling; although there are brief moments of humor, wickedness and occasionally some profound point, in general I found it to be two-dimensional and not clear enough.
Again, I concede that I might be missing a profound aspect of this, but I find it to be both too "ordinary" and mundane and fantastical and unrealistic. The setting and activities are mundane, but the characters' interactions, thoughts and compulsions leave me feeling unsettled, simply because they don't feel real or conceivable to me.
I guess that my complaint is that none of the characters are actually connected- and I realize that disconnection is one of the key points of the entire work, but even the principle relationship between Candy and David seems undeveloped or juvenile. The characters in general seemed immature beyond belief (which is perhaps intentional, but possibly not to this degree) and it feels like a sitcom that somehow had all the jokes removed. The situations are uncomfortable and nothing seems quite normal, but it cuts off without ever giving any kind of seminal parting wisdom or happiness to forgive the discomfort and sadness.

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