Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Daniel Defoe- Moll Flanders

I have to say that although I recognize its importance for its own day and the context in which it was written (which means that it cannot correctly be judged as a peice of art in a modern context) this book was exhausting and annoying. I could barely plod through all the various activities and found it to be simply a summary of activity (and perhaps a useful commentary on life of the time) but essentially, as my sister put it, "A one-woman soap opera". It has all the traditional elements one would want at that time; young beautiful criminal who is female, multiple marriages, intrigues, relationships, many children (who are summarily dumped at the parish or raised by someone else), a great deal of materialism, fluctuating prosperity, exotic travels, and a development of the notion of a fictional (although somewhat based on reality) criminal biography.
I found it fairly painful to read; but then again, it is simply not my favorite genre.

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