Thursday, November 22, 2007

Geo Stone- Suicide and Attempted Suicide

I thought this book was well thought out, informative, and well written. I enjoyed the thoroughness of the research, and I have to say that I am particularly convinced now that one of the things worse than suicide is a failed suicide.
It does lead me to wonder, however, if anyone has ever used this book to aid them in their decision about how to kill themselves (it may seem overly obvious that I meantion this, considering the fact that a large portion of the book is virtually a layperson's guide to suicide.
Very interesting, and potentially very dangerous. Then again- perhaps it will help someone to avoid a lot of pain and suffering. I can't judge- all I can say is that it is definitely the most comprehensive work on this subject i could ever imagine, and perhaps the most well-researched book on any topic I've read in the past decade.

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