Friday, November 23, 2007

Henry Fielding- Joseph Andrews

In keeping with my general irritation with poaching other author's characters, I was extremely annoyed that Fielding extended the entire Pamela concept but did not bother to correspond the facts to those originally presented in Pamela.
That aside, I enjoyed it much more than many other novels of its time. Most of the characters irritated me immensely; I didn't mind Fanny so much, and I was particularly happy to see Pamela's anorexia and general weakness and pathetic attitude countered by Fanny's general health and physical vitality. I also enjoyed Joseph Andrews as a less cunning, more legitimately honest counterpart to Pamela's hypocritical and overly fashioned personality.
Adams annoyed me quite a bit, but all in all I found this novel to be fairly funny and with a much lighter tone than so many others. I may read it again, but in any event, it was funnier than I was able to appreciate, since I read it frantically in an attempt to meet the compressed deadlines of spring classes.

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