Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Howard Marks- Mr. Nice

I bought this book out of a box from some guy on the streets of Hanoi late at night- so needless to say, it's not the best copy that ever existed. But I think it has all its pages, and in the correct order, too.
I liked this book, but I was shocked at how unaware he was about the consequences of drug dealing in places like America until AFTER he dealt drugs there. It's phenomenal to me that someone would just leap into something (especially something with such dire results) without at least checking to make sure the penalty isn't life in prison, or death, or something else almost as awful. I will never understand that mentality no matter how long I live...I'm paranoid about driving around the block without wearing my seatbelt.
Enough random anecdotes about me... I liked this book and found it to be pretty engaging. As I recall, it has the sweet charming character that you would expect from someone with Marks' background, but he seems to have lead a life that ended up hurting those he loved. Again, a moral judgement on someone who lived their life free and happy, and I can't really judge that. I liked the way everything was presented, and I would be willing to read his other book (or are there multiple others?) although I'm not sure what is left for him to say ;)

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