Friday, November 23, 2007

Margaret Atwood- Surfacing

I enjoyed the Handmaid's Tale, but I didn't feel compelled by this novel in the same way.
I found the characters to be promising, particularly Anna and David with their interesting relationship. However, I felt that the book never picked up speed in the way that I had hoped. I loved the connection to the land and the metaphorical relationship between the United States and Canada, but I felt that the entire plot- especially the connection between the protagonist and her motives and her father- placed the characters in a conveniently isolated situation, but did not ring true for me; consequently, it felt more like a simple device than a cohesive component of the plot's development.
I suppose this might be a personal opinion based in large part on simple dislike of the characters and their personalities/weaknesses, but it may be more.
I may re-read this book sometime soon but I doubt it. I would rather pursue Atwood's other works, as I find her to be a fine author in all other regards.

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