Thursday, November 22, 2007

Margaret Laurence- The Fire Dwellers

I love this book. I absolutely adore it.
I haven't read anything else of Laurence's aside from The Stone Angel (and even that was so long ago that I didn't fully absorb it at the time) so I can't say whether it was simply her writing style which I love or the book itself, but either way I found it marvelous.
I have to say that I did not like most of the characters- even Stacey bothered me with her indecision and her moral ambiguity in having the affair, but I can see how they were a necessary facet of her character, and I do love Stacey, in her self-contained chaotic little world. I liked the wicked sense of humor throughout, and I enjoyed most of the characters, or at least the purposes they serve.
I was uncomfortable with certain elements simply because they are too strikingly emotional (such as Buckle's repressed sexuality and his consequent rejection of Stacey, or Buckle's mother floundering through her life with a teapot of port), but this discomfort is a product of being faced with something so real and true that it is painful.
Artistically, I think this novel is simply wonderful, and I would recommend it highly.

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