Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mary Roach- Stiff: The Curious Lies of Human Cadavers

I picked this book up as soon as I realized what it was about, and it was exactly what I'd hoped it would be.
I was so glad to find a book that encompasses the physcial destinations of our bodies along with all the ramifications, be they religious, ethical, biological, spatial or functional.
I surprised myself by eating (by coincidence, not as a result of some sick fetish) almost every time I read some of this book, and I didn't have to put it down out of disgust. However, it may offend some people with weak stomachs (and I have to say, I am glad there were no photographs, as intruiging as that may have been) as I think that may have pushed me over the edge.
I learned quite a few things, and had a number of unasked questions answered as well.
I am now rabidly pro-donation (which, although I had been before, I had been indiscriminate) but with some questions about the particulars of my consent. I have not decided whether I would be open to certain experiments, particularly those involved with mutilation of limbs or other parts- or even corpse decay- if the results were not directly being used to help someone in some way medically- or at least peripherally. I intend to donate my body to science, particularly if it can help someone, and I occasionally have a perverse delight in knowing that someday somebody may get to see, or might get a new heart simply because I'm no longer using mine.
However, thanks to this book, I am now a little more concerned than I used to be about making sure I'm really dead before I give anything away. ;)

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