Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Michael Dibdin- The Last Sherlock Holmes Story

I haven't read this for several years, but I recall my horror with vivid clarity.
I was completely disgusted by this book- primarily because the author has taken an iconic character (for whom I do not have particular fondness, in fact) and warped his memory for his own purposes.
I might not mind so much if I felt that it was very well written- and perhaps it is an attempt to reproduce the original stories' style. I have not read enough Holmes stories to determine this- but I feel that overall, it was unimpressive, full of gaping flaws and contradictions, the ending was weak and somewhat poorly constructed and essentially irritated more than impressed me.
I think that people should stick to inventing their own characters unless they have something phenomenal to add, and even then, it should be done phenomenally well or not at all.

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