Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shakespeare- Othello

I wasn't overly enchanted with this story, but I'm not a tremendous fan of Shakespeare's work. I find a lot worth noting and I recognize the valuable role he played in English literature. but I dont' particularly enjoy reading his work.
I was pleased to note that in Othello, at least the characters didn't act urealistically for the most part. I felt that the construction of the conflict (surrounding her handkercheif) was conceivable although not likely- however, I still think that if it were so important to her, she would have picked it up after he used it, or at least told him the truth when he asked for it- that he had had it last.
Actually, the more I question it, the more irritate I become with the entire situation and its plausability. I also argue that Othello would not have been so quick to kill, but he was a man of war and a victim of the racism of Shakespeare's day which both provide justification for his actions.
Also, I found most of the characters to be relatively shallow and undeveloped, even for Shakespeare. The motivation behind so many of his characters is unexplained, and those with motive are too simplistic. Iago is too evil, Roderigo is too foolish, Othello is too trusting, Desdemona inexplicably declines to inform her father that she is married, although she merrily announces it in public when asked, Emilia's actions don't always make sense, Brabantio is too harsh and tempestuous, and everyone is stereotypical to an annoying degree. However, I realize the limitations of the stage- particuarly in Shakepeare's day- and the many devices that have developed since his time and were consequently not available to him then.
Basically I didn't mind it too much, but I did feel that it addressed many depressing issues in sad ways without providing balancing comedy and happiness- while that in itself is not a flaw, it means that there are no forgiving virtues to cause me to enjoy this play more than I do for its literary prowess (which, I must add, is not exceptional enough in written form to give me a great deal of enjoyment).

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