Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shirley Harrison- The Diary of Jack the Ripper

I found this book to be pretty interesting. I believe that since its publication the diary has been proven to be a hoax, but it's pretty neat nonetheless. I am amazed- although not surprised- that someone went to all the effort to produce such a thing, and that people have consequently spent so much time obsessed with the identity of Jack the Ripper himself, considering that it is unlikely that we will ever know his identity, and irrelevant even if we did. This is especially true considering the fact that there are so many criminals out there who have done much worse who are now living; there will likely be even worse criminals in the future; many crimes were possibly not even his, but copycats; his crimes were relatively unimportant culturally (aside from the fear they propagated) because of the nature of crime then- particularly in somewhat legitimate cases such as body snatching; and reports are conflicting even in the nature of his crimes- whether they were the work of someone skilled in medicine and surgery, or a simple butchery by a layperson.
If we can't even agree on those simply facts, I think that perhaps we should just consider it beyond our knowledge and move on.

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